Sunday, April 1, 2012

Window Dressing

In my last post I told you about the store windows I would doing some designing for. My girlfriend has the area in the front of the store and a lot of foot traffic goes by the shop. I decided to work with her antique mannequin again and do something combining a ballerina style and woodlands. I also wanted to use birds just because I love them!
The store is located in Snohomish and is called Ruffles and Rust. 
 These are the windows in question. There is a lot of large beautiful cement pieces to work with.

 I took a bolt of tulle and gathered it to make a full skirt. Then I went into our woods and gathered lichen. I like to use it instead of regular moss because it keeps it's gray green color. It also goes beautifully with the pale pink.

Isn't the lichen gorgeous!

Admittedly I can get a little out there sometimes.
 I call her tree lady. I gathered several branches from the woods and wove them together with lichen covered branched for the top. I then put a nest from the same woods and nestled it in the branches. Don't you think she's pretty?

 I took the backing from this frame and covered it with the wallpaper from my dining room. Then I took an Audubon print and put it over the paper. A unique way to do matting.

This is the same process, but using a handmade paper I found that is very pretty.

I think they will look lovely displayed in the store windows together!


  1. just beautiful Lis, very inspiring. I still love the wallpaper you used in your dining room, I hope I can find it and get my hands on it... I left you a couple coments on your previous post but they are no longer there ...I was wondering if you can tell me if the paper is fabric like from a close seems to have this rich velvet texture to it on photos! Really lovely choice...
    thank you Z

  2. Z,

    The wallpaper is very thick and has a matte metallic sheen to it. It has the most beautiful luster. I don't know where you live, but I got it through a store called Rhoda here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Thanks! Melissa

  3. Thank you!! I keep going back to your pictures, visualizing it in my home, I adore the wall paper! Thank you for letting me know, I live in Canada, Calgary, but I will find it and get it((:
    have a lovely day Melissa, ciao Z

  4. She's back! Dress form girl lives again. Love it!

    1. That wallpaper is to die! Whoa......