Thursday, April 5, 2012


The best thing about setting the buffet table for Easter Brunch is all the beautiful flowers that are available. There is nothing so pretty as a bouquet of tulips or daffodils. The fragrance of hyacinth or freesia is intoxicating. 
At our house we host my husband's extended family, about thirty-five people, so we serve buffet style. 

We start with mimosas and then add whatever inspires us for that years brunch. Here are some wonderful buffet tables and bouquets to inspire you.

Maybe we'll use grapefruit juice this year or pink lemonade, these are so pretty!

 Love the egg trees

 Turquoise is always beautiful

 The pastel ribbons are such a simple and easy touch but they add so much to the table

 Lovely outdoor table, but where I live we are lucky to see sun on Easter


 Simple and beautiful. 

 This is easy but elegant

 Easter eggs are so fun to use in floral arrangements!

 Oh Martha, I love anything you do!

Serene, love these cabbage bowls

Great use of ribbon, just think of all the different colors you could use.

 This is what all my children's Easter baskets always looked like.

 Who doesn't love peeps!

 Rustic, beautiful


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  1. Thanks for the fab inspirations! I have not as many guests as you coming(: thankfully as I am not ready to host so many ppl but 8 ppl at our table and our blue dining room would be great if I follow the green blue image you posted! I love the 2 colours and my favourite is blue-green accents... I actually saw the cabbage bowls in a store the other day... Thanks for the idea... Will try getting them before Sunday and happy Easter to you Lis! Xo