Sunday, November 18, 2012

Putting a New Top on your Dining Table

As the holidays approach, I started thinking again about enlarging my dining table. We have nine people in our immediate family and growing. The furniture companies offer little in the way of large tables, and what they do have is way out of my price range. So my wheels started turning and I decided I could do it myself!

I documented the process with photos, it was not difficult, and the result is the perfect size table.

I started with a table I purchased from the Restoration Hardware Outlet store. It is a solid wood, double pedestal base and the price was excellent because the top was scratched. A $2300.00 table for $200.00.

I went to Lowe's and bought two sheets of birch plywood, at $44.00 each. They were very strong and heavy and had a nice real wood finish. I originally made a top that was eight by eight, but that was just too big so I cut 18 inched off one side. It made a huge difference in the feel of the table. Still large, but not too far away from each other.

I used strips of wood, 1x2's and 1x4's (extra pieces I had already) about three feet long and attached them to the underside with wood screws. This ensured that the the two sheets of birch stayed at the same level, held them together and provided stability.

I also bought five strips of trim to finish the edges of the birch sheets, here is a close up.

I applied these strips with a combination of wood glue and finishing nails, hiding the nails with a nail sinker.

I left all the imperfections because it is the look I was going for. Then I applied a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to both the tabletop and the base, followed by a coat of her Dark Soft wax and one more of her Clear wax.

 The wax, applied but not yet buffed.

The final product! I still have not buffed the wax, I am letting it set up for two days to ensure it's durability.

It very comfortably seats twelve, but can handle up to sixteen and still not feel over crowded.

The total cost for this project, less the original base, is about $120.00. 
Bon Appetit!

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  1. Hi Liz! Just wanted to let you know that your dining room looks amazing with the teal coloured Curtains! They compliment the wallpaper blue-teal birds (I chose pillows and bolster on our guest bed in similar tone as I used your wallpaper in our guest room too!) and also your red carpet has some blue green tones in it and is a great contrast with the red!! Just beautiful work. The table is a mystery to me how you could do it so perfectly... Even though ou explain it, I am lost... Love the chalk paint effect!! Gorgeous, enjoy your gatherings and dinners!
    Hugs z