Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I am in full on gardening mode. I have been reading Tara Dillard's blog and I love it. In fact, I spent the last three days working my way through all three years of it. I really like her writing style, short, blunt, opinionated and to the point. You can check out her blog at

I was running errands today and stopped by one of the vintage garden stores I like and found some great stuff. I also am getting ready to incorporate items from previous finds into my garden. 

Mark and I went to an auction for farm implements. We didn't find what we needed for the tractor, but I did spot this chimney pot and bought it for a song. It now resides in my daughter's front garden and looks lovely.

This is one side of a circle I did in the main lawn in the back yard. 

As we were leaving the auction I spotted these two beauties literally laying in a ditch covered with blackberries. I asked the owner if he would consider selling them. He said yes, but they'd be $15, each. Well I think I hesitated for at least 1/100th of a second before saying sold. He then got his tractor out and lifted each of them into our truck. They will sit in the dirt in the previous photo and I will plant all manner of sedums and roses and whatnot around them. Such a find! 
Mark was not thinking so this weekend when he moved them to the garage. 
The ground here is still too wet so we will wait for it to dry out and then move them into place. Now, which urns shall I place atop them????

Today I found this splendid item at the vintage garden shop. Delightful!

But wait, there was two of them! Can you see them planted with moss from our woods, filled with trailing vines and ferns.

My plan is to place them on the garage. I am thinking the inside part of the wall of the two portions that extend out. What do you think?

I also found this amazing wood birdcage. 

And this porcelain woven bowl. Love them both!

I have been studying John Saladino's gardens. What a master! I will share photos with you soon. This weekend promises to be one of our best this year, so I will be in the gardens from morning to night!


  1. Wow Lis You got a stash of treasure! Loving the birdcage and those plinths that had to be dug out under the berries! What a find!


  2. Those pedestals are very special, not easy to find ...lucky girl you are LIs!! ciao Z