Friday, April 13, 2012


Spring has arrived! We have had several days of sunshine and it has been heaven. Early in the morning birds are chirping as I make my coffee. The air is cool and crisp with the smell of the earth and growing things. Is it any wonder that springtime is the proverbial time to fall in love? But I think they have it wrong, it is with the earth, not a man! Although I need that too. How else am I going to get those heavy pots drug around?

We moved into our home sixteen months ago. We lived with the yard last summer, learned our paths and living patterns. In the fall we set about bringing in soil and laying terraces and courtyards. So happy how it all came together. Lots more to do, but the fine tuning is the fun of it. Actually, I love the whole process, but this part the best.

The covered porch off the kitchen is probably one of my favorite things we did. Added this terrace last fall. 20 x 20 squares spaced two inches. Planted Elfin Thyme between them. Scoured every nursery within 25 miles and because it was fall could only do part of the filling in. I am already on the hunt this year to find the Thyme and complete the project.

This terrace is off the hill side of the covered porch. See the pipe in the corner? I buried it about three feet in the ground. My plan is to put a very large rotating umbrella in it. That will allow us to cover the outdoor table from all angles easily. I loath those umbrellas in the middle of the table that do nothing to shade more than one person! I will cut it off and paint it dark bottle green to blend in.

View across from the covered porch past the pool. This is our cow pasture with woods beyond. If you have a pool you know there are fence codes. Not a fan of chain link or any of those other sad choices. We built a three board fence with lumber we harvested and milled from our own trees. I then bought one inch wire mesh and attached it to the outside. Searched to find black mesh so it would disappear into the background. The code was one inch so children cannot get a foothold and climb it.

The pool, sited near the hillside where it drops off steeply. White cement stone, 26 inched wide,  surrounds the pool. Simple, I love it.

 Grass is thin, just seeded last fall. Need to add to it. Just got a wonderful organic fertilizer with iron, but not the kind that stains cement. I also ordered some seed that is supposed to be amazing. Roots 12 inches deep, needs very little water. If they work I'll post the names.

 That is the garage in the background. It is a beautiful design.

 Door to the pool room. I always wanted a yard full of daffodils and tulips. Last fall it was an absolute to do on my list. Plan to add more each year.

More of the garage.

 The pots surprised me with how much came back early. This African Ivy is amazing. I had no time for spring pots, so whoever showed up got center stage.

 Love the pansy and daffodils

 Not crazy about my porch chandeliers, but was at that stage and could not find/afford what I wanted. these will do until the others find their way home.

 French doors to the kitchen, extra large panes, saw it in an old Grange Hall and loved them. The BBQ is hidden around the corner, tucked in on a little pad. Blue stone path to the backdoor, where there is a bathroom right inside, no traipsing through the whole house to get there.

I do love the door lights. Restoration Hardware.

I will continue to post as the gardens develop and I add to them. I love to watch the yard evolve. next time I will show you my little side yard with fruit trees and hydrangeas.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Can't wait to try out the new patios!

  2. Hi Lis, and enjoy the sun, we still have snow ): Really you have some stunning views on your patios! and very nice black french doors...ciao Z

  3. Your garden is the gorgeous views you have and the pool will be amazing when the weather is a little warmer. Happily following you blog!

  4. Great bones. Classic.

    Consider having no pots at the checkerboard & a vine going up the arbor.

    Potent simplicity.

    Matching your home.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara