Friday, August 17, 2012


Well, have I been enjoying summer or what?

 I think it has been three weeks since I did a post. The weather has been gorgeous and we have been spending as much of our days as possible poolside!

Back to blogging!

On our property we have a wonderful old brick building. The bricks to build it were hauled trunk load by trunk load by my husband's grandfather. They came from an old kiln at the Three lakes Lumber Company.
I believe the building was built in the 30's.

The brick building used to be connected by a makeshift breezeway to the main house, which burned down in 2002. The grandparents slept in the main house with the only daughter and the three boys slept upstairs in the brick building. The lower part was used as storage for canned goods and as a root cellar and later as a laundry room.

My talented brother is going to help me start the restoration next year. I plan to take this fall and winter to come up with a plan. 

Here are some photos of the building.

 This is the front of the building. The windows are original, but the doors are new and have to go!

I love the detail over the windows.

 A path leads around the side of the building to old cement steps in the back. This is the upstairs where the boys slept. The cement stairs are leaning but they are wonderful and I hope to save them.

 Is that little window adorable or what? When the house burned down the roof was burned off the building so it is new and the gables need some detail.

It would be wonderful to make it into a little guest house.
Here are photos of wonderful examples of old buildings other people have saved.

 Our building has to have shutters. I will be on the hunt for old ones, or a new set we can age.