Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pool Time

The citrus green pillows and towels are just the touch needed to complete the look on my terrace. It is fresh and soothing at the same time. 

The Elfin Thyme is filling in beautifully. By the end of summer the lines between the stone should be solid.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rockin' Robin

My daughter Robin and son-in-law John built a beautiful home three years ago. It is classic brick with a two story center and wings on either side. It has been wonderful watching my daughter's decorating style develop over the past few years.

She is fearless in her use of color.

 Her home is dramatic and has a great sense of her family. She uses photographs liberally as artwork throughout the house with style. The twins rooms are filled with pattern and color and they are divine. Let's have a look!

 This is the playroom, the blue is so bright and primary, which children love. My favorite thing is the wire strung on the wall that the twins artwork is hung on.

 A play kitchen and giant blackboard add to the fun!

 Each of the twins has a book rack hung on the wall to display their favorite books. These are like pieces of art in themselves.

 Lola's room is painted a smokey lavender and it is so soothing. The prints are from a children's book. Lola is all about ballet and they are perfect for her.

 Are these adorable or what?

Above her bed.

The opposite side of the room, a set of old Bobbsey Twin Books.

 Jack's room is a beautiful shade of blue with an airplane and globe motif. 

 A large map and reading couch for story time. 

 Jack's book rack, I love it!

 Mom framed all the artwork in both rooms, it makes it original and personal.

 Globes and an antique lamp base.

 More globes and the noise canceler, aka, the fan.

 This is the little formal living room. It is warm and inviting, the deep brown is a rich, wonderful color.

 The mantle.

 Another view.

 Kitty is very comfortable.

 The master bedroom is a wonderful cocoon, the curtains let the light filter through softly and it is lovely.

 Simple and precious!

 There is a sandbox hidden in there, painted black to blend in. You can have all the accouterments your children need and still have beautiful gardens!

 A talented man her husband is!

 A lovely bar...

 on a wonderful stainless steel cart.

 The view from the kitchen. There is nothing better than an old barn!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Have you noticed all the steel windows in new homes? I know they are common in old houses, especially in Europe, but I had not noticed them in new construction until recently

They are beautiful and I can only imagine that they last forever and are so easy to care for. If I was in the process of designing and building a new home I would definitely give these serious consideration!

 Sleek, they work well in minimalist design.

 Just incredibly beautiful.

 Just think, no warping or rotting and never need repainting!

 With shutters, fabulous!

 What a gorgeous kitchen.

 It would seem all shapes and sizes are possible.

 They can work in every design from traditional to modern!

 Huge windows, but they seem to fade into the background making you feel like the gardens are closer.

 This is beyond beautiful!

Monday, June 11, 2012


The sun is coming up and it promises to be one of our gorgeous days in the Pacific Northwest! Before long the weather will be warm enough for pool time!

I am always on the lookout for a cute bathing suit, one piece styles, a little retro, are my favorite. Lounge wear is also on my radar, cover-ups, long flowing dresses, little tanks, soft loose pants.

Here are some wonderful examples. 

Soon we will be floating on our pool lounge chairs sipping a lovely cool drink and the rains of spring will be a distant memory! Well, I can hope can't I?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


June has arrived with the gorgeous roses and beautiful peonies that I love.
 Unfortunately, it packed buckets of rain in it's suitcase. 
I swear, if I did not know better, I would think it was October! So I decided to live vicariously through my blog.

Here are photos of outdoor dining areas and patios. I am hoping they lift our spirits a little bit, until we can actually use the real thing!

Of course I love this photo. The green pillows absolutely add the final needed punch. I was so inspired by it that I got online and did some research for reasonably priced bolsters for my black and white striped cushions. I will only use Sunbrella fabric because it doesn't fade, but even more importantly I can get any stain off it fairly easily.

I found these pillows on a site called Home Decorators. The 19 x 12 inch pillow is on sale for $20, and the 22 x 9 inch bolster is $19. Excellent prices for Sunbrella fabric.
19"W Outdoor Throw Pillow
Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow - 22"W x 9"D

 The pink umbrella is a great touch!

 Monochromatic and sophisticated.

 Again, the spring green color is wonderful!

Do you think I like black and white striped fabric?



 Love it!

 I love this pool set up.

 The idea of a chandelier in a tree is intriguing. 

 I like this because the fireplace does not take over the terrace. So many times they are way too big.
 Also, the lantern is awesome!


 Love how lush this is, would not want to be responsible for keeping the pool clean!

This furniture is to die for!