Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A dream come true, the luckiest girl in the world, life is good.

 Any of these titles would apply.

All my life I have loved horses. As some of you know, I started riding lessons last fall. I had wanted to for so long and I finally felt I had the time to commit to my dream. I loved it! I started hunt seat or English riding and it was a so fun. Difficult but fun. The other side of the barn was full of Dressage horses and I would just stare at them. They are so beautiful. They are highly disciplined and spirited animals. Most are Friesians or Warmbloods, very large horses. 
Truly, they are athletes.

Finally I approached the trainer, Morgan, and asked if she thought I was ready to try dressage. She said I was and arranged for me to lease half of a Friesian named Bunny to start. Before I could Bunny developed an injury requiring her to be turned out for the summer. 

The rest is a whirlwind. Morgan got a call from an old friend who used to ride at the stables. He was moving to Arizona and could not afford to take his horse. Could Morgan find a good home for it? If she could he was willing to give the horse away. 

And that folks is how I came to be the proud owner of a beautiful black Oldenburg Warmblood named Benson. He is gorgeous, sweet, huge and rusty. 
In other words, perfect for me to learn on. 

I will let the pictures do the talking. 

Isn't he beautiful. His first day at the barn. He is a little nervous in his new surroundings.

 Getting his first bath. He was so good, letting me scrub him and condition his mane and tail.

Settling into his stall, enjoying his dinner.

 Dressed in his saddle and bridle, eyeing me. He is getting lots of apples and carrots to help feel more at home. He would follow my every move wondering if I was going to give him another treat!

 Camera shy!

He is a handful!

 Is someone getting me another carrot?

 I love his face.

I want to say thank you to my husband for his unquestioning support of my dream. It is a huge commitment and he never once wavered on Benson becoming part of our family. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

We Remember

Words seem inadequate.

 Never be afraid to say thank you to a veteran. It seems a small thing, but whenever I have it is clear it matters. 

Take time to remember those whom we have lost this Memorial Day.


Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hydrangeas are one of my favorite shrubs for the garden. They are beautiful mass planted or mixed in with other shrubs trees and perennials. They are also stunning potted up on the terrace. There are so many varieties. Two of my favorites are Annabelle and Oakleaf.

There are many questions about growing this wonderful bush and I am no expert, but this is a great site for finding answers

The Oakleaf is one of my favorites because it provides so many seasons of interest. 

Here it is on full bloom, the leaves are so pretty with their oak leaf shape, hence the name!

Beautiful fall color.

Peeling bark and twisted stems are a great addition to the winter garden.

These Annabelle Hydrangeas are beautiful on either side of the old arbor.

 They work equally well in formal and informal settings.

 More Annabelle's.

 Lovely spilling into the gravel.

 They work perfectly with Boxwoods.

 Love this walkway!

 I can see myself swapping out the Ivy Geraniums for Hydrangeas in my urns!

 Of course anything would look wonderful with the stone work in this garden.

 A close up of the garden above.

 Another angle.

 A profusion of loveliness!

 Front planted with grasses, what a great idea!

Beautifully potted.

Monday, May 21, 2012


I have seen her work around the web and every time it stops me in my tracks. Absolutely breathtaking. I love all her designs, most especially what she does with stables. 

She designs barns and stalls for her gorgeous Arabians that you or I would be happy to live in. The details in her work are something else. She uses religious symbols in many of her designs and they are fabulous. 

I am crazy about her and her designs.

 Soft washed colors, I love them.

 These cement watering troughs are wonderful. It can't be that hard to build one.

 Like I said, I would be happy to sleep here!

 I am becoming more and more taken with shutters.

 Again the soft washes and finishes, must learn how it is done.

 Kelly's studio, with access for her horses of course.

 Such a statement with such simplicity. Don't you want to know what is behind those shutters?

 This architectural piece is stunning.

 A country lane to die for! Not to mention the horse and dress!

 Another gorgeous kitchen.


 I love old wood, it has a life and story all it's own.

 This is so beautiful, that horse, those doors, that brick!

 The piece above the door makes the barn. Well, the cupola doesn't hurt either. 

 Take in all the details. A lesson in how pulling together the right pieces with the right patina's makes the room.

 This reminds me of the garden in a previous post by John Saladino.  Those gates are perfection.