Friday, April 20, 2012


These gardens are amazing.The climate is so different from where I garden, but the plant placement, focal points and designs are universal. Really, really beautiful!

Today I bought a gorgeous espaliered apple tree to place against the wall at the far end of the circle lawn. I will plant it this weekend and post the photos. I also hope to get the cement pillars into place if Mark's back holds up! 
Happy gardening.

 Are you serious? Breathtaking! 
I am falling in love with Italian Cypress all over again. I grew two at my old house and they got to over 20' tall. Hated leaving them.

 The way the limb of that tree curves overhead is simply splendid.

 Love the patio floor. What am I saying, love it all!

 Where can I pick up a table like this???? And how about a load of that gravel while you're at it.

 The more I garden the crazier I get about stone and gravel.

 Well now, I'd be happy to drink out of this!

The Italian Cypresses are placed perfectly.

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