Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When you're alone and life is making you lonely you can always go, DOWNTOWN!

Our small town is a wonderful throw back to another time. It has one main street filled with great shops. It is known for it's antique stores, but my favorites are the vintage home stores. 
It has an old fashion steel trussed bridge that gets covered with Christmas lights during the holidays, we have wonderful parades for every occasion. The bakery has been there since I was a child, the buildings are all very old, and I love it. 
The shop my girlfriend has space in is on the corner of main street. It is called Ruffles and Rust and is one of many shops where there are great "finds"on first street. On Monday we redid her windows and used the items I made and featured in a post a few days ago. 
It is hard to get good photos because the windows reflect what's going on in and across the street, but I did my best!

 I took these great, huge iron urns and filled them with moss from our woods. Then I planted them with Hydrangeas and golden bleeding heart. They are so beautiful! I feel like they need a good home on my patio.
Isn't the Madonna splendid. I was so taken with her.

 Here is the mannequin dressed in her finest. 

A close up of her, the windows make it hard to see.

 I papered the walls with hand done sheets that matched the matting in the prints.

 I did this close up so you could see the birds on the moss stick. I just took a broken limb from our woods and added birds turned in different directions. I have to say I think they are pretty adorable.

You can see the old bridge in the reflection.

It is hard to see the pots to the right of the photo, they are the most beautiful shade of blue.

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