Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's done and I L.O.V.E. love it! 

I knew I was excited to see how Chinoiserie would look in my dining room, but it turned out more bewitching than I had even imagined. It changes the entire feeling of the room and just brings it to life. 

Since I am a true believer in imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, (you better not blog if you don't intend to be copied), here are the details for this paper.

Carlisle Company (I believe they are an offshoot of Schumacher)
Pattern number WC4360
Repeat is 25 1/4"
Double roll bolt is 60.75 SQFT
It is a nice wide roll, 27", which covers a big section at a time.

OK, enough chitter chatter, here are the photos! 
I've included some close ups of the arrangements as well.

 The window with the topiary looks out to the backyard and the pool. The window with the daffodils looks over the pasture with huge evergreens in the background. it really has the best views.

I did a wall closeup so you can see the detail.

 Stella insisted on being in every photo!
 The blue fabric on the chair and the blue in the framed prints picks up the pale blue in the wallpaper perfectly. I still have frames and pictures stacked in the window because I can't bear to cover the wallpaper and put them back up! I think they will find homes elsewhere.

I am also resisting curtains, but because this is a south and west facing room I am going to have to do something. Ideas???

 Directly outside this window is a little kitchen garden. they rusted arbor that you see through the window leads through a fence into the pool area.

 She thinks she owns the place!

 Cherry blossoms, synonymous with spring!

 This rectangular planter is one I ordered from Tina over at The Enchanted Home. She has a new online store with fabulous items. Check it out,

 Again, larger shot.

 Divine daffodils!

 I put Dolly the dress form in the photo because I am getting ready to do a window display downtown again. To see the previous one I did at Christmas click here,  
I will post photos when the window is completed.

 Just pretty!

 From the other side of the room.


  1. Just spectacular Lis! Thank you for sharing and for the 'shout out". Your dining room is so beautiful, just love the paper it gives it such a rich and elegant feel. And of course all your beautiful planters, and stunning! You must just sit in there and smile!
    (I just put up a link to this post on my blog)

  2. Hi Lis,

    What a beautiful room. I don't think it would have the same impact without that gorgeous wallpaper.


  3. Hi coming over from Tina's blog..your room is so beautiful. That gold paper is amazing. I hope you get to use it often, I love all the windows and all your beautiful flowers to add some spring into the room. Nicely done, happy to find your blog.

  4. Hello LIs, it is an amazing asian inspired wall paper, i am considering putting it in my guest bedroom to somehow frame it with wood beams aroung the bed area ...well it is a very lovely paper! Is it velvety feeling? Fabric like? Please let me know...I am very curious about the textrure as it looks so rich! I have been enjoying just putting different window dressings in my entire house and not done yet...because we recently moved, and your room has very lovely windows and covering them with wowen blinds would be a shame or perhaps even roman blinds...I would suggest the curtains afterall, long and floor sweeping cotton-velvet fabric or silk...enhancing one or 3 colours from your wallpaper. They will elongate the room walls too and won't cover your windows if you dont want that...
    But if you don't absolutely want curtains, use the roman or wowen will help with the sun, probably the wowen is still see outside when they are down. Hmmm but this being an elegant room, I would still do the long curtains with perhaps the wowen blinds keep it elegant as wowen on its own can be too casual...
    Or better nothing at all!
    I don't think I helped much ((:
    ciao Z

  5. Or I just had a visual, picking some nice wowen blinds that have rich grass to them, and adding up top on the windows just some decorative baloon style window dressing from a lovely fabric, of some solid colour or complimenting the wall paper would make windowns more elegant, the wowens will give you desired shade sometimes but still see outside and the baloon will add elegance...((:

  6. Here from Tina's ....LOVE your wall paper!

  7. Pretty! Love the circle topiary too!

  8. Love the new wallpaper and table we found, can't wait to actually sit at the table and enjoy that room!

  9. I love that Stella is featured... and she does own the place. She wonders wear her tulle skirt is?