Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bookcases, cupboards and painted interiors

I have always loved the look of a shelf or cupboard with the interior painted. It is just beautiful. Here are some lovely examples, they are inspiring me to take a paintbrush to one of my bookcases! Maybe they will inspire you too!

 This color is just gorgeous. Look closely, the beach decor ties in so well with the color.

 This looks like raspberry sherbet. So pretty!

 The pale blue compliments the gray exterior perfectly.

 Martha Stewart always does it right.

Again the pinky red, it really works as an interior color.

 One of my favorites!

 The chicken wire is perfect on this cabinet, the exterior paint is beautiful. It's hard to tell if it is old or if it was aged, it is so well done. I would love to own this one!

 A great idea for a child's room. Children are so drawn to bright colors.

 Open cupboards in kitchen. A lovely shade of blue.

 The orange shade really warms up this bookcase.


This says cottage to me, a lot of saturated color and it works.

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  1. LOVE the "raspberry sherbert"! Oh, to have girlie spaces in my home...