Saturday, March 3, 2012

Featured Artist: Rebecca Plotnick

I am always perusing the Internet, and I am always amazed at the limitless amount of talent that exists. From interior design to photographers to fashion buffs to landscape artists, it is always a joy to look at other people's work. 

This week I found Rebbecca. She is a photographer whose work includes photography from both the U.S. and European countries.I think she really spoke to me because she features work from all the countries I have visited and loved, but also because she features photos of horses, and if you know me at all you know I have always loved horses!

Her photos of Cinque Terre are beautiful, it is my very favorite place in Italy.

Here are just a few examples of her work.

You can find Rebecca at her blog and also her Etsy page

 I love this sepia print with just a hint of color

 Baroque and beautiful

 I could look at photos of doors forever

 What is it about rooftops?

 I love this! The one on the right reminds me of Ellie, my horse I ride at the stables. So gentle.

 I'll take one Pistachio and one Salt Caramel please!

 This horse looks so wise 

 More fabulous doors

 So pretty, I could see this in a child's room

 My favorite flower


 An incredible shade of blue
And of course wonderful Cinque Terre

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