Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rich, Earthy, Sumptuous. BROWN

I am doing this post because of my daughter Robin. She is repainting her entire house (no small feat with two three year toddlers underfoot!) room by room.  She has chosen the most beautiful shade of brown. That word just doesn't sound right, so plain. Think boutique chocolate, rich earth, dark roast coffee. It causes the trim to just shine and anything placed against it just pops. I am posting some photographs of brown rooms, but when she is done I will post her house. Real rooms, real people, kid friendly, something real life people can do!

"Musings about neutrals rarely end in exclamation points. They're too safe, too recessive, too conventional. Not to worry. This season it's all about beautiful mid-tones and deep shades. 
Sherwin Williams color trends "Sumptuous Browns"

Have you noticed how great unusual shapes look against strong color. This headboard makes the room. Love the chests for nightstands!

Gorgeous room. The gold is fabulous with the deep rich brown.

A wonderful gust bath. The mirror is splendid.

Pink pops with this color.

Striped valances really add to this room, I would have liked to see more pattern like this.

Painted furniture or natural wood, both work great with brown.

I just love this mudroom.

Are those dog beds? If so, I would love to have them for my cats!

See the pinkish wall color in the room adjoining this dining room. It works beautifully as a transition.

This is my favorite. I love the abundance of white 

woodwork, it just gives the room wonderful interest.

Robin's living room has a lot of woodwork, bookshelves and 

such. I can't wait to show it to you!

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  1. Beautiful rooms. Thanks for the great inspiration!