Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part 2: Yellow walls again and again....

I know, we have talked of this already. But I promised I would show you when I had completed my painting. Well, it is not complete, but I could not resist showing you anyway. As I said, I loved the Northhampton Putty that I chose for my new house, until I lived with it for a year. Then I realized the light just was not right for that color in my home. 

So I came home again, yes, you can go home again, to the very lovely Spada Yellow as it is known at our local paint store. When my old house was on the home and parlor Christmas tours so many people went to the paint store to request my color the store named it Spada Yellow. 

Let me digress for just a second. The McDaniel's Do It center in Snohomish has the most amazing paint department. The people there are incredible at their job and can mix anything, and of course they carry all the lines of my favorite brand, Benjamin Moore. My personal favorite is Cathy, she is an institution at McDaniel's, I almost afraid to guess how long she has been there! She will work for days to get the color I want. Thanks Cathy!

My entryway just feels like sunshine

The artwork looks great against is as well.


  1. so true, you are way too chipper and raring to go in the morning!

  2. Beautiful photos. The yellow looks lovely.

  3. I miss my Spada yellow so much! Maybe I can go home again too...