Monday, January 30, 2012

Forsythia and Fiddleheads

So, don't get me wrong,I love the snow, but after that last storm I found myself longing for the signs of spring. Yes, I know I have months to go, but I can't help but dream of the sun on my shoulders and that incredible smell after the rain in spring when the sun starts to warm the earth. Is there anything like the first pale green shoots poking out of the ground? I live in what my girlfriend likes to call my "Hundred Acre Woods" and it is delightful to walk through the woodland and watch the ferns unfurl. 
For now I'll have to be content with seed catalogs and David Austin rose books.

Then comes the lushness that spring brings, when huge arm loads of lilacs and peonies and tulips can be brought into the house. 

Here are some beautiful ideas for centerpieces!

What a great idea for common forsythia. It is one of the first spring branches, I love it's cheery color.

I have sliced lemons and limes for my water dispenser before but I really like the idea of including whole fruits and filling the container almost full.

Simple, but utterly elegant.

One of my favorite arrangements. I am going to try to copy this for our Easter gathering.

This is gorgeous too. The candle adds warmth and sparkle!

This box container is perfect for the daisies. 

It looks like the leaves in the bottom are from a hosta, this is so pretty and easy to do.

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  1. Those pictures get me so excited for spring. Some great ideas too!