Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Part 3: When in doubt...wear red. Or at least decorate with it.

This post is about the process of bringing color into a room. In this case, it is red. The yellow of the walls and red just work together beautifully. In the long winter months of our rainy season it truly lifts my spirits. 

But what you don't know is once spring and summer arrive I switch out the red for shades of pink and it is absolutely gorgeous. Another reason I love my yellow, it can work with so many colors.

Let's start with a freshly painted room with just the basics. A piece of furniture and lighting. 

 I posted both these photos because they really show how wall color can change depending on the light.

 Every room needs a piece of black furniture. It is grounding and adds style and substance.

Now we will add in some decorating details. BTW, the pictures and mirror are all garage sale finds.

I love cement statues. this little guy has been in the family for years. He may deserve his own post some day.
I like the jar of lemons because the glass sparkles and the deeper yellow of the lemons compliments the wall color.

You knew it was coming, let's bring in the beautiful red accent. I added in some branches with lichen on them for a touch of nature.

Add another of the little quirky framed prints I found in town at one of our awesome shops.

But we are not done yet. I picked up a couple of chairs off Craig's List. They were brownish colored with old dirty upholstery. I painted them with Annie Sloan's chalk paint, ordered some red and white fabric off eBay, and recovered them. It's not hard, all you need is a staple gun and a glue gun. 

Originally,I was feeling lazy and took them to the local upholsterer and they wanted $375.00 EACH to redo them. Thank you, NO. Granted it took me three hours for each chair, but it was worth it!

Chairs before:

Chairs after: 

Chairs in entryway!I love it.

 The opposite wall has a black buffet as well, but the wall display is different. I find that I like it better if everything does not match completely. 

 Two mirrors instead of one, green and red apples rather than matching lemons.

Almost finished, I just need to find two more chairs.... 

A room filled with sunshine.

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