Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saint Valentin

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I am enjoying an armload of daffodils and tulips bought for me by wonderful husband. They are my favorite flowers, just them, no fillers or other nonsense. This time of year they shout spring and lend a little hope to the possibility of warmer weather on it's way. Thank you love!

This post is about wonderful couture ball gowns. For some reason Valentine's Day puts me in mind of these fantasy creations. I am desperate for an excuse to wear one of these jewels. I cannot ever imagine the event so I may someday have to invent it. In any case I love to look at the designers and their creations. Chanel, Dior, Jason Wu, Jean Paul Gaultier are among some of my favorites. 

Come and dream with me!

My all time favorite gown. This gray Versace took my breath away. Beyond gorgeous!

 Like wearing rose petals

A giant wedding cake, it is exquisite.


 Stunning and maybe even comfortable to wear

 So pretty, I like the ombre

Enjoy your day!
Don't forget to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you!

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  1. I dream that someday I'll own a Marchesa and Oscar de la renta. If it happens, I'll wear them often, even if it's only in my own living room. Ballgowns! Sigh...