Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The streets of San Francisco

 What a beautiful city! What a beautiful hotel! What great company! My girls and I always have such a relaxing time together and this was no exception.
 We walked all over the city and I have the scars to show for it. We indulged in all manner of food and drink, walked for miles, and just took in the architecture and designs of San Francisco. 

 Laurel Court at The Fairmont
 Each day ended with us collapsing into the plush chairs and couches of Laurel Court. We would order our martinis, wine and assorted drinks and talk about our day. Delightful.

Room Service
Is there anything better than being waited on by a competent staff who brings you your morning coffee or tea in bed?????

My bed made everyday!

Wonderful restaurants and cafes.

The best market with all the freshest food and produce! We had a picnic in the park one day with great cheeses, wine and meats.

China Town!

 The largest glass of Cognac ever!

Aimee was our leader, consulting her iPhone for directions. What did we ever do without those phones? We could find every site we wanted to see, get a visual route and the length of the route. It was amazing.

 We walked miles everyday, and because we stayed at the top of Nob Hill, we knew we had to climb  those hills at the end of every journey. The only time we took a cab was the night we dressed up for dinner. I am game for anything, but you just can't do San Francisco in heels!

I love going on vacation, and I love coming home. Seeing beautiful sites and design always inspires me and I come back filled with new ideas! 
 San Francisco was delightful and we all agreed that we would go back, it is worth a second visit!

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  1. I have been only once, loved it too, and you look great in your tunic shift dress and boots ((: ciao and enjoy Z