Monday, May 21, 2012


I have seen her work around the web and every time it stops me in my tracks. Absolutely breathtaking. I love all her designs, most especially what she does with stables. 

She designs barns and stalls for her gorgeous Arabians that you or I would be happy to live in. The details in her work are something else. She uses religious symbols in many of her designs and they are fabulous. 

I am crazy about her and her designs.

 Soft washed colors, I love them.

 These cement watering troughs are wonderful. It can't be that hard to build one.

 Like I said, I would be happy to sleep here!

 I am becoming more and more taken with shutters.

 Again the soft washes and finishes, must learn how it is done.

 Kelly's studio, with access for her horses of course.

 Such a statement with such simplicity. Don't you want to know what is behind those shutters?

 This architectural piece is stunning.

 A country lane to die for! Not to mention the horse and dress!

 Another gorgeous kitchen.


 I love old wood, it has a life and story all it's own.

 This is so beautiful, that horse, those doors, that brick!

 The piece above the door makes the barn. Well, the cupola doesn't hurt either. 

 Take in all the details. A lesson in how pulling together the right pieces with the right patina's makes the room.

 This reminds me of the garden in a previous post by John Saladino.  Those gates are perfection.

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