Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hydrangeas are one of my favorite shrubs for the garden. They are beautiful mass planted or mixed in with other shrubs trees and perennials. They are also stunning potted up on the terrace. There are so many varieties. Two of my favorites are Annabelle and Oakleaf.

There are many questions about growing this wonderful bush and I am no expert, but this is a great site for finding answers

The Oakleaf is one of my favorites because it provides so many seasons of interest. 

Here it is on full bloom, the leaves are so pretty with their oak leaf shape, hence the name!

Beautiful fall color.

Peeling bark and twisted stems are a great addition to the winter garden.

These Annabelle Hydrangeas are beautiful on either side of the old arbor.

 They work equally well in formal and informal settings.

 More Annabelle's.

 Lovely spilling into the gravel.

 They work perfectly with Boxwoods.

 Love this walkway!

 I can see myself swapping out the Ivy Geraniums for Hydrangeas in my urns!

 Of course anything would look wonderful with the stone work in this garden.

 A close up of the garden above.

 Another angle.

 A profusion of loveliness!

 Front planted with grasses, what a great idea!

Beautifully potted.

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  1. just amazing! love them and mine is so tiny right now(: that i want to replace it now after seeing your pictures...
    and received the wallpaper you have in your diningroom!
    xo Z