Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Adam

Wow, where did the holidays go! 
We had a great first Christmas in our new home. Well, I know we were here last Christmas, but we had just moved in and it was all a blur so I am calling this our first Christmas. 
Appropriately enough, being our first year in this house, we changed things up for Christmas day. 
But first Christmas Eve Eve, or as my kids renamed it, Christmas Adam. Get it, Adam came before Eve.
Christmas Adam is when my brothers family and mine get together for dinner, games and we always end up in the hot tub at the end of the evening. We have so much fun!
My brothers family heralds their arrival by standing in front of the porch and singing carols.

Every year we do a "cousins" picture. This year the twins were a part of it.
It is beautiful outdoors, the wide open sky, a glass of wine and all the family. And yes, we have a very large hot tub!
Merry Christmas Adam!

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  1. I see the face of you, Mark, Kris, and Dan in all the faces of your children. Just seems so wonderful & in a small way a bit strange too. How did we get so much older? Your family, each & every one of them are all so beautiful and nothing is greater than good times and special memories with them. It's really what is important isn't it. I love the idea of Christmas Adam..clever!!