Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dinner and a Book... with friends

I belong to a wonderful book club that is filled with friends and family. We meet once a month and take turns hosting and choosing the book. I was lucky enough to get the month of December and I had so much fun decorating and planning the meal. My wonderful daughter, who is a caterer, gave me much needed help. I want to share my dining table and ideas with you!
I asked each person to send me the title of their favorite book. Then I went to the local used book store and found old books that I could spray paint and add sparkle to. I printed off the cover to the book each person chose in Sepia and glued the picture on the cover of the old books.
I then used the books as both a centerpiece and a little gift for each person to take home as a remembrance from our dinner.

Next I made each person a bookmark selecting a quote from the book of their choice. To find their seat at the table, each person has to figure out which quote came from the book they chose.

 Pride and Prejudice

The Thorn Birds

The Kite Runner

To add some color to my dining chairs, I copied a picture I found on Pinterest. I really like how these look!

Here is a photo of the whole room

Tomorrow I'll take photos of the dinner and share the delicious menu with you!


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful! I'm so lucky I get to be at this wonderful event!

  2. Gorg! Cant wait to see it in person!

  3. Wow that is just how creative every thing is..just beautiful in every way!

  4. Melissa, absolutely stunning. Gorgeous! I love the bookmarks and the quotes from within their favorite books. How incredibly creative! The chairs are exquisite! You are amazing!