Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tea

If you haven't figured it out by now, traditions are a huge part of  Spada family life. When my beautiful granddaughter Lola was born we decided to start a new tradition for the girls in the family. Each year we go to the Christmas Tea at the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle. The room is gorgeous, the tea delicious and the sandwiches and treats are to die for. But most of all, it is about spending time together and creating memories. While we are at tea, Lola's twin brother Jack goes with his dad to pick out a railroad car for his train set, adding a new piece each year. 

The Georgian Room where tea is served

My beautiful girls
Lola, Momma Robin. Sarah and Aimee

 First, I want the chocolate gingerbread man, then....

                                                                  The Lobby

Full of tea and treats and ready to dance!

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  1. Your girls are gorgeous, just like their mom and grandmother!!! What a wonderful tradition. ♥