Monday, October 29, 2012

Harry Potter 2012

The costumes were amazing, the fire was awesome and the rain held off! Our Harry Potter party was filled with so many wonderful costumes this year. Everyone from Harry himself to Severus Snape was represented in fine form. 

As the guests arrived they were greeted by Professor McGonagall at the door with a signature cocktail.

They were then "sorted" with the Sorting Hat and put in one of the four houses of the school, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Griffindore.
 The Fat Portrait Lady seems happy with her assigned school!

Hagrid not so much.

A dinner of Chili and cornbread was served at long tables on the patio. Each table had it's school banner hanging above it, as well as floating pumpkins and candles. A roaring fire kept everyone warm.

 The evil Lucius Malfoy

 Fleur Delacour and Nearly Headless Nick

 Gilderoy Lockhart and Augusta Longbottom

 Snape surveys his fire
Then poses with Minerva

 The Malfoys

 The Fat Portrait lady and someone in a glamour wig!

 Rubeus Hagrid

 A wild Stag!

 Just plain scary!

 The lovely Rita Skeeter

 Alaster "Madeye" Moody and Bellatrix Lestrange

 Frightful Knockturn Alley

 Tiki torches lined the path to the Quiddich field

 The way Muggles arrive!
The way Wizards arrive!

 The house banners displayed on dessert

Dobby and Hedwig guard the food table

The dining hall

 Hermione and Draco fraternizing!

 Hedwig and the Wild Stag

An entire family of HP fans!

 The weasleys
 Game time!
 A wild game of Quiddich

So much fun!


  1. Look lots of fun! Love your long hair Lis!

  2. Great pictures of all the amazing costumes!