Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Is In The Air

I woke early this morning, excited, my mind tumbling with ideas. You see, today is the official start of the 
2012 Holiday Season

Yes, for me the first day of October marks the beginning of what has become my favorite time of year. Decorating, Thanksgiving, Christmas Trees, Halloween, Jack and Lola's birthday, Baking Day,  all of it filled with good food, good friends and most importantly, family. 

We plan to add some new traditions this year. The menfolk are planning a boy's day out and they are all going to  a Seahawks game together. Us girls are going to add the Nutcracker Ballet. It will be wonderful to see it again through the eyes of my Granddaughter who loves all things ballet!

Our traditions abound and each year I can play them over in my head like a slide show. They get sweeter every year, I think it must have something to do with age! 

I have to confess, I started the decorating part a little early, so here are some of my vignettes!

First, a photo of my helper, Stella.

 The Happy Halloween banner is made form Kraft paper and is a Martha Stewart item. Love her stuff.

 I collect these whimsical figures. I just love them.

 Hedwig watches over all!

 This was my very first one, it says "charmed life" and it reflects how I have always felt about my life no matter the circumstances!

 Very scary!

 Mercury glass and crystal, what could be better for sparkle.

 Fall color in the glass containers

 Gourds are so wonderful 



  1. Love everything about the next three months!

  2. Well, I just have to get the bent black candles ... really dramatic! have fun, ciao Z

  3. Hi again LIz, just wondering how you did with the dining room window dressing? did you put up some curtains or left it simple? I would love to see your dining room decor now!
    I still love the paper in our guest room...