Wednesday, July 11, 2012

patio update!

I love the look of long drapes on an outdoor patio. They not only block the hot late afternoon sun, but they look beautiful when there is a gentle breeze. So, I decided to put some up! Of course I did not want to spend the money for curtains and rods and installation that I have seen in the design magazines, so I did it myself. The rods are from and they are very good quality, here is the link.

I bought two sets because the span is so long and I wanted good support.

The curtains are from Ikea, I think they were $19 a panel! Then I took extra wooden rings I had laying around and spray painted them black and they work great.

Here are some photos of the finished product with a few garden shots as well!

The curtains separate these spaces and make the covered area look like a room. 

 The pots look so good with just one statement plant. Very elegant. The chartreuse smoke bush is amazing. I went a little crazy on these, they pair beautifully with the pale pink David Austin rose, Eglantyne.

 So pretty!

These three pots have one Hydrangea in them, so simple and beautiful.